Thanskgiving Mood Board (& Pumpkin Musings)

It’s no question that fall has fall has graced Seattle with its presence kindly this year (its kind of dry!).  In fact we’re wading practically knee deep in foliage in our driveways, Starbucks has all of Seattle instagramming trendy coffee shots post their premature release of this year’s holiday cup, Delilah is itching to secure the Carpenter’s Christmas Collection on her repeat loop, Santa has been remodeling the downtown Nordstrom’s corner lot for several weeks now, and we are well on our way to Thanksgiving.

Although pumpkin seems to have elbowed its way to the top on every single cocktail, dinner and dessert menu in town, it (among other classic thanksgiving desserts) is often left in the bloated shadow of the post-Thanksgiving gorge.  So, in an effort to preserve our waistlines and our pumpkins, we are quite inspired to ditch the dessert this year in favor of a rustic and harvest inspired thanksgiving table top that features pumpkins in all their natural glory.  Enjoy!

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