Your Spring To Do

Spring is just around the corner (March 20th) and as the promise of brighter and blustery days starts to nudge winter grudgingly out of the way, and beckon you outside we’ve drafted the beginning of your spring To Do’s so you can take advantage of this short Pacific Northwest offering of a season.

Renew your goals.  Remember all those New Years Resolutions you promised yourself to hold on to this year?  Now is a good time to dust those off too!

Refresh your home: Spring Cleaning often lingers on people’s To Do lists, however giving your home a fresh beginning for the warmer months ahead will change the way you live in and outdoors.

Clear the clutter! This includes your digital clutter too.  We suggest picking a new screen saver, and go after freeing up some of your desktop space to showcase its new background.

Picture 1Gardening: unearth your garden from its wintry sagging layers.  Spring calls for giving your garden a little more TLC if you plan on enjoying your outdoor spaces straight through spring, summer and fall.  A little time and attention now will encourage healthy new growth for months ahead.

Organize renovations: Spring is a time of transitions and transformations.  Have you always envisioned pushing out that wall to accommodate some new french doors? Finally updating your kitchen? Tired of that paint color?  In need of a new deck? …Renovations can take time to plan and additional time to get permission and permits for.  Start planning now and you’ll reap the benefits of these new spaces and faces in months ahead.

Move Outdoors:  Dust the cobwebs from your outdoor furniture, fire up the barbecue and move outdoors for meals.

IMG_2850Bring flowers in. 
Nothing screams spring like fresh flowers!  They brighten a space, they smell glorious and they just make a space feel better.   Get in the habit of getting fresh flowers for your home every week.  Don’t have the budget for fancy arrangements?  Take a field trip to Pike Place Market where you can get fresh picks on the cheap, or display some of your garden’s own offerings.

Freshen your food cravings.  Better weather brings fresher produce (all those baby and young produce!) , and for those of us looking to shed a few of our own wintry layers, rejuvenate our enerygy levels, or just trying to live a little healthier, improving nutrition can help your energy levels soar and what better time to get in the habit of getting outside more often?

Last but not least, considering a move?  Spring is the best time of the year to put your house on the market.  The brighter days and warmer weather lends nicely to showing it, and this is a time of transition for other people too so the market picks up a little!  We’d love to discuss your options,

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