Lopez Island Getaway & Listing Details

A spontaneous day trip to check on one of Bennion & Deville‘s listings led us to Lopez Island, or what locals there have dubbed “the crown jewel” of the San Juan Islands.  Located just off the NW corner of Washington State in a stretch of islands in the Puget Sound this little getaway is known for its pristine beauty and friendly inhabitants.  After half a day of cruising the island, we were certainly convinced it was worthy of its nickname and inspired to encourage the entire blogosphere to visit this little PNW gem.

Bennion & Deville Fine Homes Lopez Island Map
Photo via Saltwater People Historical Society

Just minutes off of the ferry we caught from Anacortes, we were struck by the stunning scenery; pastoral landscapes, lush gardens, fantastic beaches, wooded areas, and an abundance of wildlife to look for (including rabbits, deers, otters, eagles, herons, and whales too …if the season is right).  Driving from look out point to hardware store, beach to tiny town, we couldn’t believe how friendly the Lopez locals were.  Every car we passed waved, every person we met greeted us with a big smile.  Perhaps the easy-going lifestyle and slow-mo rhythm of living in a quaint island community nourishes the soul and softens people after a while.  Either way, we were sold.

Lopez Island Bennion & Deville
Lopez Island Waterfront Estate, deck, sunroom, guest house, view.

Visiting with a mission, we had little time to do more than a bit of beach gazing, drive the full perimeter of the island, snap a few view picturesque view shots, and drop by our fabulous listing nestled behind some woods on a cliff overlooking the ocean on the far side of the island from the ferry (if that line didn’t sell you on it, check out the full listing details here).  Somehow all of this had us famished and craving a hearty bite in a spot with a view.  Tipped off by some locals that Tuesdays were a little sleepy, we headed west towards Fisherman’s bay for a lunch in wacky local hotspot, The Galley where we watched the boats come and go before jumping on the afternoon ferry back to the rush of Seattle city life.

Just a hop skip and a jump from Anacortes, Lopez is an ideal destination for people seeking a place to relax and recharge as this glorious summer we’ve had comes to a close and the chaos of fall, and new school years, and holidays ensues.  For those that require a little more action, Lopez boasts ideal landscapes for hiking, the peace and quiet we crave on long walks, stunning seascapes for kayaking, boating or crabbing, and views upon views for bikers of all experience levels.  In fact, this little island is practically recreational paradise.  With a charming little town and the peace and tranquility of the gorgeous natural surroundings to boot it’s a Bennion & Deville team pick for the perfect weekend escape.

Lopez sunset

-Bob Bennion & Bob Deville

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