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Say Yes To The Desk – Black, White & Chrome Workspace Inspiration

Photo credit: Pinterest user Hiroki Takemoto
Photo credit: Pinterest user Hiroki Takemoto

Fall doesn’t just call for back to school madness, but back to work madness also.  Chances are, if you have kids (or work with people that have kids), they are back under the roof of a schoolhouse and those lazy, carefree days of summer are no longer kindly seeping into your work life too.  Vacation during the summer forces people to slow down, but somehow the excitement that goes along with the start of a new (school) year, new routines and schedules, required organization, those darker moments that are lingering a little longer these mornings and the cooler temperatures that have crept up on us seem to kick productivity up a notch. To us productivity aligns with inspiration, and thus we were inspired this week to preach on the topic of saying YES to the DESK space.  Inspired by the desk spaces featured in this post, we even included our own inspiration board: an office with a black/white theme that we thought anyone could add a touch of personalization or a pop of color too.

Bennion and Deville Fine Homes, Workspace Inspiration
Bennion & Deville workspace inspiration board
Bennion and Deville, Windermere
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Having a productive workspace or office environment is something that speaks to most of us (even if it’s just a placeholder for inspired days ahead). We have long heard talk of organized, healthy workspaces improving productivity and enhancing overall well being and one of the most beneficial things you can do for your own peace of mind is to create a workspace you feel good about.  Feeling good, refreshed, inspired and invigorated is essential to doing good work because as the workday becomes longer, and more schedules call for your attention, resiliency is critical. Making sure your workspace aligns with your needs and goals for using it is a good place to start.

Inspired by this thinking we put together a little checklist of things to keep in mind:

  • Clear the Clutter – opt for clean spaces.  Ditch the knick-knackery and you’ll realize that an organized, clear space makes the piling workload seem less overwhelming and your intention of staying on top of it all more like a reality.
  • Personalize – whether it’s by gallery wall or simply a picture or two, make the space feel personal to you and you’ll enjoy using it more.
  • Green – plants can help clean the air…even in a tight space!
  • Light – find a bright space, the natural light will help keep you alert, however if window space is tight, opt for a table light instead of just an overhead one.  Lower light creates a more natural feel, a cozier space, and has a calming effect.
  • Beautify – elevate your aesthetic sense by beautifying with art, colors, wall hangings or other aesthetic touches.
  • Color – a pop of color can do a lot to lift spirits.  Not bold enough for paint? Try flowers, paint your desk or chair, or brighten with office supplies in a single accent color.
  • Comfort – this includes both physical and functional comfort.  Need privacy? Be sure your space accommodates that.  Do you sit for hours at a time?  Invest in a char that facilitates this kind of work.

Most importantly, this space should facilitate its intended purpose, whatever that means for YOU.  So go forth, be inspired, and create! 

Inspiration Board: 1 Delaney Memo Chalkboard: Joss & Main. 2 Seattle Skyline Topography Print Poster: Etsy JustPrints store3 Silver Deer Head: Z Gallerie. 4 Brilliant Idea Notebook: Urban Outfitters. 5 Globe Light, Dark Silver: 6 Sawhorse Desk: Pier 1 Imports. 7 Test Tube Office Supply Set: Urban Outfitters. 8 Mondaine Desk Clock: 9 Webster Desk Lamp: Z Gallerie. 10 Welded Letter Holder: Anthropologie. 11 Bertoia Style Wire desk chair: 12 And pillow: NuBe Green, Seattle. 13 Stainless steel paper clip organizer: Anthropologie. 14 Bois Pillow, bark-inspired motif: Joss & Main. 15 Anthropologie Oversized Zinc Letters. 16 Ipad Gramophone: Restoration Hardware. 17 Lucite Tape Dispenser, Anthropologie.  18 Birds on a wire photo clip: Urban Outfitters. 19 Linen Office Storage Accessories: Restoration Hardware.


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