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Seattle: A great place to visit, a better place to stay

Space Needle, Bennion and Deville Fine Homes
Soaring Space Needle Views as Seen from Bennion & Deville’s Mosler Lofts Penthouse listing.

Seattle is an eclectic city. Though tourists may pile in to visit the Space Needle, gawk at Bill Gates’ House, and tweet from the Original Starbucks, we all know that our great city has more to offer than a strong cup of coffee and a few architectural marvels. From the constant parade of events in town to the innumerable amount of activities and places to visit, Seattle’s lifestyle holds a very unique opportunity for those who call this great city home. Bennion and Deville Luxury Homes has the real estate skills and expertise to find that perfect place to call home. Once Bob Bennion, Bob Deville, and the rest of the B&D team match you and your family with a fine home, it’s essential to know where and what to do around town. Like any city, Seattle has a constantly evolving scene. From shopping and restaurants to community events, the city always has something to offer close to a Bennion and Deville home.

Fall in Seattle, Bob Bennion Windermere
The changing fall foliage of Captiol Hill’s tree-lined E Aloha St.

As the cold front continues to linger over the city and fall is well underway, finding reasons to get out of the house in Seattle can be a bit daunting if the sun isn’t shining. However, this doesn’t stop the city from having some of the best attractions and events in the northwest. Home to some of the best museums in the United States, Seattle highlights the talents of artists international and local alike to many of its prestigious exhibits. The Seattle Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, and the Frye Art Museum host some of the most precious and outstanding artwork in the world.

Looking to satisfy that hunger after an afternoon at the museum? Seattle’s restaurants offer some of the best and most unique experiences a diner can have. For that quick bite to eat, Pannonia Smokehouse off of 17th St. offers the best sandwiches in Seattle while Off The Rez, a food truck, has some of the most delicious Native American cuisine a foodie can have. If you’re looking for something extraordinary in the city, seek out Chef Charles Walpole’s Blind Pig Bistro on Eastlake ave., which produces some of the freshest and most innovative dishes on the west coast.

Seattle is a great place to visit, but a better place to stay. At Bennion and Deville Fine Homes, we believe that this city brings the best out of people. Personally, professionally, and creatively, the city thrives because the population is so diverse, willing to come out of their shell and be a part of the community. Seattle and its people will continue to grow and succeed throughout the years, welcoming more people to this great city who want to find their home. Bennion and Deville Luxury Homes is the most prestigious, proficient real estate agency on the coast, assisting the good people of Seattle in search of a gorgeous home for the past 20 years and we hope to continue to be a resource for all your Seattle needs in the future.

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