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Bennion & Deville’s Seattle Weekend Roundup: Pike Place Market & Beyond

Pike Place Market & BeyondBennion and Deville Fine Homes, Pike Place Market Seattle

One of the most unique aspects of Seattle is its thriving culinary scene. Because the Northwest coast is home to some of the freshest ingredients, from fish to locally grown produce, there is a sense of pride in the way the people of Seattle pick, prepare, and most importantly consume our food. Whether it’s picking from the heaps of internationally acclaimed restaurants to try or preparing a meal for the family at home, we all know the effect that a great meal can have on ourselves and the community, especially as our appetites seem to kick into gear as the days grow shorter. Foodies and casual diners alike know and are loyal to their favorite spots in the city, but Seattle has long been recognized as city willing to dive into new cuisines which has produced a burgeoning restaurant scene with new eateries popping up almost every week.  This weekend, you can be sure to catch some of the Bennion and Deville team at a few of these great culinary events taking place this weekend.

Pike Place Market
Bennion & Deville Fine Homes Inc Seattle PhotosEstablished in the early 1900s, and continuing just as strong today, Pike Place Market is one of the city’s most historic and unique landmarks. As the premier “people’s market” of Washington, Pike Place ushers in hundreds of locals and tourist alike, looking for an authentic market experience. Farmers from across the state bring their goods here, enriching the food community with a wealth of healthy options to satisfy all tastes.  With the growing trend of honest, authentic cooking, and farm to table concepts using the bounty of Northwest goods, the market hosts many events that attract people from all walks of life to enjoy one of Seattle’s proudest landmarks.

Arcade Lights
This weekend, Pike Place will welcome over 60 local brewers and culinary artisans to share their talents at Arcade Lights on Friday, October 18. For the food and beverage connoisseur, this “celebration of artisan food, beer & wine” is the best event lined up this weekend. Pre-sale Tickets & 21+ tickets are on-sale today for $28 and $35 the day of the event. This is a can’t miss opportunity for anyone looking for a unique, exciting experience in Seattle this weekend.Bob Deville, Bob Bennion Windermere, Pike Place Market Seattle

Music Roundup
If you’re looking for a good concert Friday through Sunday, the city ushers in a few of today’s best and most notorious acts.


  • Macy Gray brings her big personality, her even bigger voice, and a bit of funk and soul to The Crocodile
  • The Avett Brothers, who released their new cd, Magpie and the Dandelion just 2 days ago are playing at The Key Arena for some good ‘ol fashioned Americana folk sounds.


  • The always entertaining Kanye West will be taking the stage at The Key Arena.
  • Hometown hero Chris Cornell will be playing a show at Benaroya Hall.


  • The phenomenal composer Phillip Glass rounds out the weekend at the Kirkland Performance Center.

No matter what you choose to do this weekend, nothing ends a night better than resting in a Bennion & Deville Fine Home. While Bob Bennion and Bob Deville may not be spotted at the Kanye West show on Saturday, we feel comforted knowing that we can serve this city by providing luxury homes to the incomparable people of Seattle that make our neighborhoods and communities flourish.

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