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Making the Case for Nerdier Real Estate Agents

Bob Bennion Windermere Agent Bennion & Deville Fine Homes
A very geek chic Bob Bennion.

Kathleen Doler of recently published an article discussing the many ways Real Estate agents now connect with house hunters online.  “Succesful real estate agents today need all the usual skills- local market market expertise, trustworthiness, and negotiation and sales chops” she said “…but they must also be, well, nerdy.”  Today’s “nerdy” strays far from the stereotype of the geeky techie who was marginalized for so long in pop culture. The rise of geek chic came in part due to the legacy of industry leaders like Apple’s Steve Jobs and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who have driven us down a road of dependance on nifty mobile gadgets and a whole new world of Apps that we run our lives, schedule our appointments, pin our fantasy worlds and stay constantly connected through.

In today’s increasingly technological focused marketplace, evaluating real estate agents’ “tech and social media know-how” will play an important factor in your choice of someone to guide you through the complicated process of selling your home and purchasing a new one. We are not readers of the internet any more, we are scanners, and at Bennion & Deville Fine Homes, we believe that both real time marketing and a more integrated social media campaign have become vital components of providing clients with a level of service that encompasses a full 360 degree approach to real estate marketing.  This call for “nerdier” real estate agents, we thought, was the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the Bennion & Deville team’s own efforts to stay afloat in the ever changing digital world and offer our clients the best service possible on the web AND in print….#NERDALERT.

Allow us to introduce our (nerdy) selves:

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