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New at University Village – Hot Mama Boutique

If you hadn’t already noticed the sudden complete lack of parking spaces at University Village, this November brought some new faces to the outdoor shopping center, among them is Hot Mama, an upscale boutique for new mothers. We are thrilled to welcome the 44th location nationwide as well as the first location in Seattle. This store will be a valued addition to the many stores housed in University Village.

Bennion & Deville Seattle University Village Hot Mama BoutiqueMeghan Tamte, the genius behind Hot Mama goes into great detail on what gave her inspiration to opening the first Hot Mama boutique in Minnesota.  On her first outing with her daughter she soon realized shopping in a regular department store was going to be a challenge that started with how to get through the store’s front door. “I looked at the narrow escalator that I had been used to taking and I realized that my stroller was not going to make it up,” she laments. After locating the elevator and making it to the second floor she encountered another problem, “I had trouble pushing my stroller through the aisles and several times my stroller got stuck.” Leaving the store empty handed and feeling defeated, the first ideas for Hot Mama began to form.

Her purpose is simple: to offer women a beautifully curated collection of clothing for everything from home to office to date nights, and a comfortable place to shop for new and experienced mothers alike. Hot Mama has truly captured the ultimate shopping experience for new moms, from the clothing collections, right down to the store configuration.

Being a busy and on-the-go mom can be tiring, Hot Mama has set out to make looking fabulous one less thing to worry about. “I need clothes that are quick and easy to wear, that can take me from a board meeting, to my son’s baseball game, to a date night with my hubby.” Their mission statement, “We empower moms,” says all you need to know about where their priorities lie. It’s all about accommodating moms and making their lives more comfortable.

Meghan has created a store that is fun for moms and kids alike. With TV’s showing children’s movies, employees who, as part as their qualifications, must be great with children, and aisles that are wide enough for a stroller cruising, Hot Mama really delivers the full experience. “Each mom is a Hot Mama, but it’s easy to lose sight of that in the midst of motherhood.”  For new mom fashionistas everywhere this new breed of store may just be the answer to your prayers.

University Village Outdoor Shopping Center is a 10-15 minute drive from neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill, Madison Park, Wallingford, and View Ridge. Hot Mama also has an online store and stylists available online or by phone to help with your shopping.  Hot Mama has their 45th store scheduled to open later this year in Chicago, with five more locations set to open nationwide this coming spring.

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