Bennion & Deville Seattle fall

The Emerald City Experience

On such a surprisingly beautiful and crisp fall day, we decided this video was the perfect thing to share to highlight our love affair with Seattle in the sun.  Despite the bad rep we get for skies riddled with clouds and mildly dreary days on end, no other place can really top our fair city when graced with even a little sunshine.

Videographer Don Jensen, crafted this spectacular time lapse video showcasing stunning images that span from sparkly lake views to the hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market. Seattle is known for it’s incredible landscapes,  but it isn’t so often recognized for it’s sunnier days and this video shows off Seattle in all of it’s spectacular glory!

“The city of Seattle is a very diverse city offering everything from industrial to artistic; crowded to vacant, the hustle and bustle of a large city mixed with quiet ocean side parks,” Jensen wrote on his Vimeo page presenting the project. “The ultimate goal was to present a video that would show what a person could see as they made their way through and around the city in the course of a day or two.”

Taken in almost 40 different locations around the city, and made up of roughly 21,000 images this video is truly beautiful!

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