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Fremont’s New Restaurant, Roux delivers…with a kick!

Roux restaurant fremont, Bennion & Deville Fine Homes SeattleAfter much anticipation, Restaurant Roux has finally opened in the Freemont area of Seattle. As of November 19, the genius behind the very popular Cajun food truck “Where Ya at Matt”, Matthew Lewis’s two-year-long labor of love has finally come to fruition. Fans of the food truck have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Restaurant Roux.

Roux will be both an expansion and an evolution of his previous culinary creations.

Lewis began his restaurant career as a server. He had a natural knack for the restaurant business and was a born leader. His employers noticedRoux Restaurant Fremont, Bennion & Deville Fine Homes Inc. it too, and he was quickly promoted to corporate trainer soon after being hired. Before long Lewis had the opportunity to fill in for several shifts in the kitchen. Working in kitchens reminded the budding chef of his childhood cooking with his mother and grandmother in Louisiana. Running a kitchen was where Lewis felt most comfortable, and where he was mentored by Chef Frank Sitt in his two restaurants located in Birmingham, Alabama. It was there that Lewis began to truly understand the style of southern, soulful cooking. Through all of his practical experience there was something else missing. Lewis decided to attend the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), where he graduated second in his class. You can read Lewis’s full story, in greater detail at The Where Ya at Matt web page.

Inspired by Lewis’s roots, the food at Restaurant Roux is said to be a mixture of Cajun Creole and American Southern Soul Food. The menu boasts classic Creole items such as chicken, sausage, and shrimp jambalaya as well as country favorite, shrimp and grits with a parsley pesto. The more adventurous foodie may be inclined to try some of the more colorful menu items; such as the fried chicken gizzards or the turtle bolognese. Don’t forget to try Roux’s signature beer. Lewis described the local Elysian brewed beer, out of Capitol Hill, as “a toasted amber with chicory. Pliney, Yakima hops are being used. It should be a smooth, slightly caramelly brew that will finish crisp and dry.”

Restaurant Roux is a small intimate restaurant that is sure to please. The dark wood bar and red booths create a cozy and friendly atmosphere for diners.

A little preview of menu attractions:

  • Frogs legs with parsley, garlic, tomato & bread
  • Spicy turtle and pork bolognese
  • Gnocchi with crab, chanterelles, pecorino & black truffle
  • Fried rabbit saddle with potato salad, egg & chives
  • Root beer barbecue pork ribs with watermelon pickle
  • Buffalo gator wings with blue cheese

Restaurant Roux is located at 4201 Fremont Ave N Seattle, Washington, just north of the Queen Anne. They are open Monday through Sunday from 5pm until 2am, and currently serving up their famous po’ boys for lunch between 11am and 3pm, but  Roux is open for coffee and beignets all day!

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