Buying A Home

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Choosing Your Buyer’s Agent

When choosing your buyer’s agent it is important that you have every confidence in that agent’s ability to represent your best interests. When attempting to purchase a property in today’s market, it is not unusual to find more than one buyer trying to secure the same property.

Our services are unique in the fact that we equally represent buyers in the housing and condominium markets.

Because of Seattle’s competitive real estate market, your broker must be educated, aggressive, know current values, and also be respected by his peers. Enjoying a reputation for high ethical standards and attention to detail is a must when negotiating for that desirable property. A smart listing agent will not advise a seller to consider price only—there are many additional factors that an agent should keep in mind. One of these is the broker representing the buyer and his ability to achieve a successful closing.

Buying Property

When buying property it is wise to interview three full-time, sufficiently licensed real estate brokers. Check their credentials, references, and real estate backgrounds. The Bobs are not just another real estate team. Real estate is a full-time business for us, and we take our jobs very seriously. We have continued our education and certification so that we both maintain not only active real estate licenses but also active Washington broker’s real estate licenses. In addition to our real estate education, we hold degrees in accounting and business administration.

Our diversified education and business backgrounds allow us a distinct advantage in representing our clients in today’s complex business world. We work as a team and have four exceptionally qualified and fully licensed real estate assistants. Although many clients and real estate agents remember our large, multimillion-dollar sales, we represent a broad price range of properties, from $100,000 to over $10,000,000. Please allow us the opportunity to meet with you and explain how we could represent and work for you in finding that special property.

We attribute our success to our exceptional service and attention to detail. We are not one-transaction brokers, we are there for the long-term—just ask our clients.If you are interested in talking to us about buying a house, please Contact us.

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