Happy Pi Day – Seattle’s Best Pie Spots

Pi DayToday is March 14th, or 3.14 or π, and thus a good excuse for Pie.  Pi is defined as the distance around a perfect circle divided by the distance across it.  It is also a number that has captivated math classes throughout history due to the fact that there is no way to calculate it exactly with simple division on your handy dandy calculator, and because it’s digits go on infinitely and without pattern.

In order to celebrate this nerdy fascination we all have with the symbol/number we substitute pi for pie, the next best kind of perfect circle that we know… and eat lots of it.

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In keeping with this kooky cause for celebration, here are a few the Bennion & Deville team’s favorite places to put a pie to your face in Seattle:

High 5 Pie
This Capitol Hill favorite smack in the middle of the bustling Pike Pine Corridor will certainly be rolling out the red carpet for mathletes today!  Offering everything from sweet to savory, handheld to jar filled, cutie pies to take-n-bakes, this Pie shop even has vegan options too!

Website: http://www.high5pie.com/Bennion & Deville Fine Homes Inc

A la Mode
Pie on a stick (lollipies), pie by the slice, whole pies, pie with bluebird ice cream, this Phinney Ridge neighbor to the Woodland Park Zoo really has something for everyone!

Their menu of too-good-to-be-true flavors include: mexican chocolate mousse, white chocolate banana cream, strawberry rhubarb, blue Hawaiian, and bourbon butterscotch, to name a few.

Website:  http://alamodeseattle.com/site/

Serious Pie
For those of you that prefer a savory treat, Westlake/South Lake Union’s Serious Pie is the place for you.  With a menu boasts some seriously good woodfired pizzas that even a Chicago native would appreciate; thin crust, locally sourced toppings, as well as a friendly staff and cozy space, this is the perfect place to have a slice and a glass of wine as you wind down from the week.   We suggest trying anything with truffle cheese or buffalo mozzarella smothered on the top and grabbing a few biscuits for a lazy Saturday morning on your way out!

Website: http://seriouspiewestlake.com/Bennion & Deville Fine Homes

Last but certainly not least, no Pi day would be complete without devouring what we’ve decided is maybe the pie of all pies: clouds of thick custard and homemade whipped cream laced with vanilla and coconut, piled high with white chocolate and toasted coconut flakes, all in a flaky pastry crust: the ever so decadent, legendary Triple Coconut Cream Pie (featured last year in our Valentines Love Locally guide) from fellow Seattleite and food God, Tom Douglas.  Swing through the Dahlia Bakery or Lounge for a slice, a pie or a tartlet to kick off this weekend!

Website: http://tomdouglas.com/index.php?page=dahlia-bakery

Downhome with Bourbon & Bones – Southern-style Seattle Dining

Bob Bennion & Bob Deville SeattleSeattle is known for its farm-to-table dining establishments bringing bold flavors to local communities and tourists alike. So you wouldn’t necessarily expect a downhome, southern-style, barbeque restaurant to be all the buzz. That’s all about to change.

Seattle is going to become a little more southern, thanks to the highly anticipated opening of Bourbon and Bones. This exciting new concept opening in a matter of days belongs to Chef Michael Law and his business partner, entrepreneur Michael McConnell.

Bourbon and Bones will be moving into what was formerly Anita’s Crepes in the Fremont neighborhood.  The opening of the restaurant will begin with several small soft openings that began Monday of this week. Bourbon and Bones held a contest on Facebook to see which loyal fans of the restaurant would be allowed to invite a guest to the soft opening. This exclusive event included the full menu as well as their full bar menu.

Law’s menu will resemble that of a classic southern barbecue joint serving up delicious barbeque favorites with little fuss (food will be served on parchment paper).  In addition to offering his infamous fried chicken (wing, leg, thigh, breast, and gizzard all available for fabulous consumption) served by the piece or by the barrel, he will be incorporating Southern favorites such as brisket, pulled pork and ribs with classic sides like collards with ham hock, mac-n-cheese, and cheese grits, are available.

True to the restaurant’s name, Bourbon and Bones will also serve up an assortment of brown liquors featuring fine spirits from Batch 206 distillery, located here in Seattle.

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Fried chicen biscuit sandwich from Capitol Hill’s Wandering Goose

Law is the creative mind behind the Wandering Goose and its famous fried chicken. Marinated in lemon, thyme, cayenne, and garlic, and fried to golden perfection, the Wandering Goose has received high marks for this particular entrée. Law spent several years cooking in multiple European cities, such as Barcelona, Avignon, and parts of Germany. Law is looking to bring together his European background and southern genius with Bourbon and Bones. This new concept is a smart blend of classic Southern specialties and European style.

McConnell has been a Seattle staple for years. He is one of the creators behind Caffe Vita, which was established in Queen Anne circa 1995, and is the entrepreneurial brain behind its fame. Under his guidance, this local coffee shop and small-batch roasting company has grown nationally. McConnell and his team are responsible for the progress and expansion of Caffe Vita beyond Seattle, including locations in Portland, New York and Los Angeles.

For more information about Bourbon and Bones, check out their Facebook page.

Seattle’s Best: Bennion & Deville Picks for Fine Dining and Entertainment in the Emerald City

Here at Bennion & Deville we’re strong believers in the idea that there’s no better place to live than Seattle. Not only is Seattle a great place to buy real estate (Seeking city & mountain views? Lake front? A plentiful abundance of neighborhood coffee shops?- we can check all these boxes), the city is rich with culture and the arts, never lacking in weeknight or weekend entertainment options. So rich, in fact, that there are far too many things to do and see in just one weekend. With a number of plays and comedy troupes coming to Seattle this fall, and an abundance of fine cuisine, we’ve narrowed it down to a few more picks for entertainment starting this weekend.

A Night at the Bathhouse Theatre with The Habit Comedy Troupe

Bob Bennion WindermereNamed Seattle’s best comedy group, “The Habit” is back with another original play this November. The group, which began performing together in 1995 at the University of Washington writes and directs its own comedy shows each year. “The Habit 13,” which marks the troupe’s 13th show, will open on Friday, November 15 and continue through December 1this year. Audiences can look forward to comedic sketches about passive aggressive astronauts, bomb defusing robots and the vagueness of our founding fathers in this year’s performance.

Tickets are available on The Habit’s website now. This show has been rated PG-13; something to consider if you plan on taking the entire family.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Hound of the Baskervilles”

This comedic Sherlock Holmes tale of brash Canadian, Henry Baskerville is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seat. As the dark mystery behind Baskerville’s inherited British mansion unfolds before their eyes, can play-goers decipher the clues in this classic Victorian whodunit before the famous detective himself?Bob Bennion Seattle Real Estate

“The Hound of the Baskervilles” will run from November 15 through December 15. Tickets for the three hour performance range from $15 to $45 and are available on Seattle Repertory Theatre’s website.

“Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” the Musical

Don’t miss your last chance to catch the Broadway touring version of “Pricilla, Queen of the Desert” as is makes its final stop in Seattle this weekend. Full of sequins, neon colors and platform shoes, this tale of three friends is sure to entertain with its mix of down-to-earth stories and over-the-top musical numbers to hits including the classic “I Will Survive.”

The show will be held at the Paramount Theater through Sunday, November 17. Tickets range in price from $25 to $70 and are available online now.

Brunswick and Hunt Farm-To-Table Pop-Up Dinner

The team behind Brunswick and Hunt invite you to join them for a six course feast, sampling some of Seattle’s finest foods and drink in celebration of their highly anticipated restaurant opening in 2014.  The dinner will take place at Altura at 6 p.m. on November 7 and include dishes like Oxtail and Mushroom Toasts, Autumn Braised Chicken and Double Chocolate Cake with a smoked chocolate ganache, butter bourbon pudding and crabapple compote. Each course comes with its own specially selected drink pairing for the finest dining experience. Tickets for the event are $90 and are available online now.

With so many great things to choose from, how could you go wrong? For more great weekend options, check out Seattle Met’s website here and stay tuned for our next Bennion & Deville Weekend Roundup.

Seattle’s Best Food Trucks

Seattle is home to over 150 different food trucks, four of which ranked on The Daily Meal’s 2013 list of Best Food Trucks in America. The food truck scene has evolved over the years, making dining from food trucks hip, fun and affordable. Here we highlight eight food trucks in Seattle that made the cut and continue to serve up great food.

1.) Secret Sausage – Hot dog stands make the best hotdogs (think baseball ballparks). And the hotdog is a classic food truck item. Seattle’s own Secret Sausage made the cut as one of the best food trucks in Seattle. They serve Seattle-style dogs, so it is the perfect place to visit if you are craving some local flavor. Secret Sausage serves up the Slawdog, which is a German frankfurter on a bolillo roll topped with a special Salvadorian slaw also made by Secret Sausage. For kids who aren’t keen on unique toppings (such as cream cheese) Secret Sausage also offers the Kids Dog, an old fashioned-type hotdog with nothing fancy on it. Best of all, all the ingredients are Seattle sourced. (serving Eastside and Seattle areas so check their schedule!)
Hours: Monday–Friday, 11 a.m.–2 p.m + some late night schedule additions!
Schedule & location: View their full schedule here.

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Los Chilangos’ Al Pastor Taco Plate

2.) Los Chilangos – Mexican food is another staple in food truck cuisine, and Los Chilangos is the place to get it. They offer everything you’d get from an authentic Mexican restaurant including tortas, tacos, burritos and quesadillas, with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, chorizo or a delicious blend of chorizo and carne asada called chupa cabras. Additionally, Los Chilangos also has a breakfast menu served until 11 a.m and these are some of the best street tacos in town.
Hours: Monday–Saturday, 8 a.m.–9 p.m.
Location addresses: 1829 130th Ave NE, view their website.

1.) Marination – This food truck ranked on The Daily Meal’s list of “Best Food Trucks.” The ‘Big Blue’ mobile version of Marination came in at #16 on the list serving up their own version of tacos and sliders blending Hawaiian and Korean ingredients and mouthwatering marinations. Their dishes include spicy shredded pork, a version of Korean bulgogi, and even spam, the “unofficial national food of Hawaii.” Marination clearly gets fusion cuisine.

Bennion and Deville Fine Homes Real Estate Windermere
Marination’s new mobile truck.

Hours: M-F, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.
Schedule & Addresses: View here.

2.) Where Ya At – Coming in at #9 on The Daily Meal’s list, Where Ya At posts up on Fridays delivering their irresistible spicy Cajun dishes to eager customers. Their menu features traditional New Orleans style cuisine that includes gumbo, jambalaya and po’ boys. The French bread for their po’ boys is made special for the truck by a local baker and is topped with fresh vegetables, house-made aioli, and a meat of your choice. For classic Cajun food, Where Ya At is where it’s at.
Hours: Friday, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.
Schedule & Address: View here.

1.) Garden Sushi – Perhaps the zesty flavors of Creole cooking aren’t what you’re in the mood for, if so, opt for something a bit more cool and refreshing. For something different, look no further than Garden Sushi, Seattle’s first sushi truck. Located in Ballard, Garden Sushi offers a wide array of both nagiri and rolls. At Garden Sushi you’ll find classic sushi rolls like the California, Spicy Tuna and Caterpillar roll. For sushi on the go, Garden Sushi delivers.
Hours: Monday–Friday 11 a.m.–9 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m.–9 p.m., Sunday 5 p.m.–9 p.m.
Address: 54th St. and 17th Ave. NW, across from Swedish Hospital

2.) Cheese Wizards – Do you love classic fare? If so, then you’ll love Cheese Wizards which take the ordinary grilled cheese sandwich and bring it up a notch. Cheese Wizards doesn’t offer a huge menu, but what they lack in selection they make up for in taste with their fresh, unique ingredients. The Green Seer is a perfect example. Cheese Wizards have created fresh-tasting sandwich with melted Havarti cheese, tomatoes, basil and pesto aioli on French bread. Pair that with a cup of their tomato basil soup, and reminisce about your childhood.
Hours: Tuesday and Friday, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.
Address: 907 NW Ballard Way, Trupanion Insurance

1.) I Love My GFF – Whether you’re gluten-free or just want a change of pace with a vegetarian meal, I Love My GFF is for the place to be for lunch on Sundays at the Broadway Farmer’s Market. Try their Sunshine Bowl with organic quinoa covered in their special Sunshine sauce (a blend of almonds, basil and lemon), beans, organic chicken and fresh-cut vegetables, all topped with feta cheese and pumpkin seeds. If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth after all those veggies, try their gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.
Hours: Sunday, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.
Address: Broadway Farmers Market

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Slate Coffee baristas from this stellar airstream.

2.) Slate Coffee – And finally, maybe you just want a solid, Seattle-worthy cup of coffee before you head to work. Slate Coffee provides some of the absolute best coffee in the city.  With a variety of roasts that are served in season, you always get the best flavors possible.  The coffee is good, the foam is perfection, and the airstream barista counter just screams trendy.
Hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 8 a.m.–3 p.m.
Address: Madison and 14th