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In an effort to assist new or just relocating Seattle home owners, we’ve added a new page to our blog that will feature neighborhood spotlights.

After years of placing extraordinary people in fabulous homes in wonderful neighborhoods, the Bennion and Deville team knows as well as anyone that neighborhoods, just like the people who inhabit them, have personalities that define them.  Some are laid back and lackadaisical others are gutsy and gritty, but all thrive in their own unique ways.  With defining qualities that include everything from short commutes, to acres of woodlands, peek-a-boo lake views, and walkability scores, Seattle’s got something for everyone.

Our goal is not simply to place our clients in homes, but to help them connect with some of Seattle’s best communities, point them in the way of local resources, neighborhood hot spots, note worthy neighbors, and the best coffee shop in the area.

Whether you’re shopping for a new home, or simply looking for some new inspiration in your long time neighborhood, we hope to be a source of relevant and ever-changing information on your neighborhood, and the place you call home.

We hope you’ll keep us informed of neighborhood buzz that we are overlooking and in the mean time get to know some of Seattle’s finest neighborhoods, the charms they have to offer, and the people behind the businesses that make these places buzz.

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