Madrona Spotlight

Madrona calls itself  “A charming neighborhood located on Lake Washington, 5 minutes east of downtown and Capitol Hill.  An urban sweet spot for shopping, dining, drinking, and exploring.  Easily accessible by foot, bike, bus, and car”…and we at Bennion & Deville have to agree.  As far as neighborhoods go, they pretty much check all the boxes: great schools, fabulous restaurants, beautiful boutiques, coffee shop, gift shops, family friendly restaurant, date spot, bar and wine shop, views, parks.

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Madrona Resources:

Madrona Moms : Local parenting listserv with over 2200 members

Neighborhood Blog: Madrona, Seattle 

Friends of Madrona Woods

Central District News

Urban Spoon: Madrona Restaurants

Bob Bennion & Bob Deville Windermere, Madrona map
Madrona Neighborhood Map

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